The DHC Needs Volunteers!

15 volunteers are needed to support the Dan Harris Challenge and make sure it runs smoothly.
Without you, this event simply cannot happen. We need help with site setup, registration, timing

and the BBQ. Descriptions are below.

Site Setup, Security and Breakdown–7 volunteers needed

Seven people are needed to set up tents, tables, chairs, and digital timing display. Two very long extension cords will be needed to run from the restrooms at the north end of Boulevard Park to the Registration table. Pastries, fruit, bottled water, coffee and tea pumps will need early-morning pickup from Fairhaven Haggen’s and Avenue Bread, with onsite distribution on tables near the registration area. These volunteers will also need to be able to assist racers in transporting boats to the water prior to the race, and to help wash off and transport boats back to car racks and trailers after the race. Volunteers will also need to periodically stroll through the parking lot for security purposes.

Registration —2 volunteers needed

Two people are needed to distribute racer’s packets to those contestants that pre-registered, make certain every contestant signs and returns the release/waiver prior to competition, take in cash and checks from day-of-race entries and answer questions about the day’s schedule.

Timing –2 volunteers needed

Two people are needed for timing the race. This will consist of starting the digital timing display and electronic timers at the sound of the starters horn. As contestants approach the finish, one starter will identify the contestants bow number through binoculars and enter the number in the first digital timekeeper, while the other starter presses the button of the handheld pendant for the second digital timekeeper as contestant’s bow passes across line-of-sight between timer and #4 buoy.

BBQ –4 volunteers needed

Four people will be needed to take $5 donations for food, cook meat/veggie burgers, hotdogs, and place the meat onto buns, and distribute cole slaw/potato salad in accordance with health department regulations. This will require starting the BBQs, keeping the condiment table clean, making sure paper plates and cups are disposed into garbage cans, cleanup and breakdown of BBQ equipment, and transporting it to the parking lot at the end of festivities.


Contact New Whatcom Rowing: P.O Box 4453,  Bellingham, WA 98227,
or email

Start of 2006 DHC by David Scherrer

Volunteers will be entered into all raffle drawings, and the food is free.

3rd Annual Dan Harris Challenge

and Forward Stroke Clinic

Sunday, April 29, 2007