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THE DHC Race Course

Registration starts at 8 a.m.
Mandatory Safety Meeting at 9:15 a.m.

NOTE: You must register and have signed a waiver at the Registration Desk prior to starting the race. You will receive your bow number and raffle ticket when you register.

The Race Starts for all contestants at 10 a.m.

The following air horn signals will alert paddlers of the countdown to start:
15 minutes prior to start, one (1) 5-second airhorn blast.
5 minutes—five (5) short blasts
3 minutes—three (3) short blasts
2 minutes— two (2) short blasts
1 minute— one (1) five-second blast followed by three (3) short blasts.
NOTE: The start will be videotaped. Excessive leading (more than 1/2 boat length) at the start will result with lead advantage (in seconds) being added to finish time.

The Short Course

Racers start at #4 buoy (Starr Rock buoy) and head directly to the west side of #2 buoy (Post Point buoy), turn east around the south side of the buoy and sprint northeast to the finish at #4 buoy (3.2 nm) .

The Long Course

Racers start at #4 buoy (Starr Rock buoy) and head directly to the west side of #2 buoy (Post Point buoy), then SE toward Chuckanut Island traveling west to east around the south end of the island. Return to the west side of #2 buoy then sprint to the finish at #4 buoy (8.5 nm).

Pre-race Snacks/Post-race BBQ and Awards

Bottled water, sports-supplements and snacks will be available in the morning for registered contestants. Post-race BBQ ($5 donation) is for all contestants and volunteers. Tickets for door prizes will be drawn during the BBQ, immediately following the finish of racing (about 12 p.m.). Awards presentations will occur as close to 12:15 p.m. as possible.  

Winners of each rowing/paddling category will be engraved on the Dan Harris Challenge Trophy.

Launching Boats

Boats may be launched at either the Fairhaven launch ramp or the north end of Boulevard Park. Boats launched at Fairhaven launch ramp must row/paddle approximately one mile to the start at #4 buoy (Starr Rock buoy). Water is available at Boulevard Park for washing down your boat after the race. See map.  


Every participant must have a Coast Guard-approved flotation device, with all gear and craft in good working order. Safety boats and rescue kayakers will be located along the race route. The Race Director will give a briefing just prior to the race as to what to do when you need help on the race route. Participants must lend a hand to any other participant that requests help. A time award will be given to any contestant that helps another contestant during the race.


Ample parking is available at the north end of Boulevard Park, and in the boat trailer parking lot next to the Fairhaven launch ramp. A $5.00 fee is required to park at the Fairhaven location, although enforcement is lax.