The 15th Annual Dan Harris Challenge

      Proudly Hosting the U.S. Leg of the Think Kayak International Challenge

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    DHC Results

2019 (Weather/Sea conditons: .)

2018 (Weather/Sea conditons: Cool and cloudy at start, mild southerly breeze and sun with ebb starting at race time, then chop at #2 on race return.)

2017 (Weather/Sea conditons: Southerlies 5-8 knots, gusts to 15 knots, rough at #2 buoy until the flood established itself.)

2016 (Weather/Sea conditons: Ebb, SSE at 15 knots at start, mild chop, shifting to westerly, then NW 20 minutes after start,
to flat/calm. Race did not go around #2 buoy. )

Photos of the Short Course race... Courtesy of Jim Powers
Videos of the race start... Courtesy of Dale McKinnon

(Weather/Sea conditons: Flat, with 4-5k SWesterly)
Photos of the race... Courtesy of Dale McKinnon

(Weather/Sea conditons: Start of flood 1/2 hr into race, mild chop at start with 15-20 SSW squall halfway through race,
2-3' chop at #2, sun at end.)

Photos of the race... Courtesy of Dale McKinnon

(Weather/Sea conditons: grey skies, 7-13 knot SSE, 2' chop at #2 buoy, full ebb)
Photos of the race... Courtesy of Dale McKinnon

2012 (Weather/Sea conditions: grey skies, flat calm, slack tide.)
Photos of the race... Courtesy of Curtis McCarson.
Photos of the race... Courtesty of Frankie Dammann.
Droid photos of the race... Courtesy of Dale McKinnon.

2011 (Weather/Sea conditions: 5-9 knot SSW, minimal chop at start, 1'-2' chop at #2 buoy, wind dropped by half at 11:30; race start on ebb, finish on flood).
Video of the start... Courtesy of Frankie Dammann.
Photos of the race... Courtesy of Mike Olinger.

2010 (Weather/Sea conditions: 4-11 knot southerlies, 1'-2' chop at #2 buoy, subsiding to 6" by 11 a.m.; start of flood tide)

2009 (Weather/Sea conditions: 9-12 knot southerlies, 2'-3' chop at #2 buoy; bottom of ebb tide)

Click here to see photos of the entire race.
If you are looking for a photo of yourself that you don't see online, email Nina Olinger at  and she will email it.

Additional photos of boats and spectators at the starting area... Courtesy of John Rybczyk.

2008 (Weather/Sea conditions: Flat calm... a mill pond.)

2007 (Weather/Sea conditions: 5-7 knot southerlies, except 8:30-9:30 a.m. with winds up to 18 knots; low tide to mild flood)

2006 (Weather/Sea conditions: 10-15 knot southerlies, 4' chop at #2 buoy; full ebb)

2005 (Weather/Sea conditions: calm; sustained high slack tide)